Thanks to the official Fearless Photographers facebook page for featuring one of my images today, and sharing it with over 70,000 followers. This shot of Katelynn and Nick is one of my favorites.

See it here!

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  • Priscilla Ong - Hi,

    Amazing pictures there, especially the way you were able to capture the details of her dress (which I’m completely in love with). Do you have any idea where she got her wedding dress from? I would really appreciate your help!!ReplyCancel

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When a beautiful, scratch that… GORGEOUS girl shows up to an engagement session with an equally handsome guy, there really is only so much credit you can claim as a photographer. Between Angela’s radiant smile, and their crazy chemistry, you’d be hard pressed to create anything but magic behind the lens. Besides being unbelievably sweet and totally gorgeous, Angela is also a pastry chef extraordinaire. Anyone who knows me well, knows that food is most definitely the way to my heart. While I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself a foodie, I will say I love all things food and cooking related (just take a look at my Pinterest page and you’ll see.) So any time a talented chef crosses my path, I’m instantly in love and eager to soak up any tidbits or tricks they can throw my way. In between cooking tips (I’m always looking for healthy alternatives to comfort classics, and Angela turned me on to the majesty of PB2) we cooked up something amazing of our own during our shoot at White Rock Lake (see what I did there?!) We started their engagement session at the Dallas Bath House Cultural Center, moved on to Winfrey Point, headed over to Big Thicket, and ended at the marina. Angela really wanted to capture that fall feeling (not an easy task in Texas) and luckily, the weather was on our side… the week prior, leaves finally started to change tone and fall from the trees, and the weather warmed up to the perfect fall temperature… crisp, but not too cool.

I am so excited for Angela and Russell’s Dallas wedding this coming April at the amazing Stoneleigh Hotel. They’re both fun, lighthearted, full of smiles, super charming, warm, completely in love, and not too bad on the eyes. Pretty much a guaranteed good time. Angela will make a ridiculously beautiful bride, especially once that smiles lights up when she sees Russell at the end of aisle. It will be an easy day at work, that’s for sure.

  • Angela McCool - I am in LOVE with every one of these! You captured amazing photos of Russ and I!!! Can’t wait for bridals!ReplyCancel

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  • Susan - These are just gorgeous! I love how in love they look. So much better than cheesy posey engagement photos. Beautiful work. I can’t wait to see what you do at my niece’s wedding.ReplyCancel

  • Karen Charvet - These are just gorgeous. What a beautiful couple. Are you available for November 23rd 2013?ReplyCancel

  • Shayla - Great photos!!! White Rock Lake is such a great place to do photographs!ReplyCancel

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Though it was nearly a year ago, The Knot recently approached me to feature Sarah & Matt’s winter time Dallas wedding at the W Hotel as part of their new partnership with the W Hotel chain (which you can check out here.)  Luckily, on this particular wedding day, we had plenty of time to explore, and were able to get some really amazing portraits because of it.

While I always try to get some of the “standard” couple’s portraits, the shots I always love most are the ones that scream “look how amazingly, fantastically, passionately in love we are!” My goal is for there to always be one standout portrait that epitomizes the very essence of a couple’s relationship and dynamic. An image that a bride can show her child someday, and inspire them to say “mom, I want THAT.” That feeling, that passion, that sense of completion that comes from finding your other half. It’s wonderful for a photograph to document HOW you looked that day… how you wore your hair, your lipstick… the way your dress fit. But, if your portraits don’t show how very IN LOVE you are: well, they’ve missed the entire soul of the day.

As I always tell my brides: for those die hard romantics amongst us, we grow up watching these beautiful classic romances unfold on the screen, reading Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice, and long for these perfectly inspired moments that embody our idea of what it means to be in love. This is your day to create your own love story. To be inspired by your own romance.

Above all the details, flowers, and layers upon layers of icing, romance should be the heart of your story. Make sure THAT is the story your images tell.

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It’s flattering enough to have been selected this past year as one of Elizabeth Anne Designs featured vendors. I have long time been a fan of their blog as one of the premier wedding planning resources for brides (and grooms!) Their blog is full of all things delicate, romantic, wispy, and lovely… so, I was even more flattered that they recently selected my coverage of Ashley and Kevin’s Dallas wedding to feature on their blog. Check it out, and if you missed my full blog post of Ashley and Kevin’s wedding, you can see it here. Or, their portraits here.

Pastel Spring Wedding, Aristide - Mansfield Texas - Dallas - Destination

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Moha & Varun’s Dallas wedding occurred in the midst of what no one hopes to see on their wedding day : a torrential downpour. So much of the day was supposed to happen outside, but Mother Nature had a plan she hadn’t shared with anyone else. Set at the Westin Galleria in Dallas, the day surely didn’t go as planned but turned out beautifully none the less. Hundreds of family and friends came, many from across the world, to share a week of festivities with them. I adore photographing celebrations from varied cultural backgrounds. Experiencing the unique history that has shaped a couple… their values, their character, their sense of family… it is an insight into a very important lesson: that regardless of our heritage one thing binds us all: the need for love and the universal desire to honor that bond.

If you’ve never experienced an Indian wedding, your life is missing an adventure it desperately needs. It is a flood of exuberant celebration. It is awash with the most vibrant of colors. Everything POPS more… the food, the music, the garments… as if the celebration itself was a living being that wants you to wake up and take notice.

And apparently, it’s tiny old grandmothers dancing the night away until well past all the youth have lost their steam.

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