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I love factoids.

I hate jelly beans, but I love Jelly Bellys. Buttered Popcorn flavor, to be exact.

My mother is an artist,my grandmother is an artist… so I guess it just makes sense.

I collect yearbooks, diaries, and travel journals from estate sales… the idea of someone’s treasured hopes and memories getting thrown away is awful.

I have never met a stained glass lantern that I could live without. The 37 I cohabitate with will confirm this fact.

I refer to all inanimate objects as “he” or “she.” How I decide which they are, I don’t know. It just comes to me.

I don’t like new things. I prefer things with a history, story, or personality. Just call me Phoebe.

I passionately love spoken word poetry. I miss you Def Poetry Jam.

I am embarrassingly uncoordinated.

I watched Soul Train RELIGIOUSLY my entire childhood.

I still think Clark Gable is “the one.” I have a sinking feeling it isn’t going to work out.

I love throw pillows. Apparently more than actually leaving a pillow-free space to sit on.

I’m a great cook. I’m Italian, it’s a requirement or they disown you.

Cooking is how I say "I love you." If I invite you for a meal, you know it’s true love. Breaking bread is serious business.

I am a Maxxinista.

If I didn’t have to wear shoes, I wouldn’t.

I get so happy when I eat, I dance in place.

If I was ever in the same room with Madonna, Cher, or Prince… I would implode.

For years, I had a subscription to Star Trek: The Next Generation Magazine. Oddly, I did not get a lot of dates back then.

I love inspirational quotes (check out my Pinterest board here if you don't believe me.)

I will let any dog kiss me. Judge me all you want, but I love puppy kisses.

Friends are family, and family is the single most important thing in life.