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There are three main styles being thrown around in the wedding photography industry these days: traditional, photojournalism, contemporary. As a photographer, every website and association you become a part of asks you to simplify yourself into one of these descriptive genres. Which completely epitomizes and encapsulates your photographic style? The problem is, it just isn’t that simple. And it shouldn’t be!

You are looking for a photographer with a strong personal style. Someone whose aesthetic will beautifully capture your wedding day just as YOU envision it. It's important to breathe life into our photography in a way unique unto ourselves. That is what you come to us for; our singular vision. But a good wedding photographer knows that it is not as simple as honing in on one particular style. They know it is all about balance. They know that without a mixture of contemporary and traditional images, you may have a happy bride but a very unhappy mother-in-law (who wants that?)

To successfully document this invaluable moment, a delicate blending of all styles, past and present, is needed. It is our job to know what is suitable for each moment, and how to best execute it.

So, when I am asked to describe my personal style… it’s difficult for me to oversimplify it. My personal style is all about cinematic portraits, engagement sessions that rival any Hollywood romance, and bridals that show you you’re far more beautiful than you realize. Shooting group formals full of laughter and joy. Successfully capturing a once in a lifetime smile, hug, or tear that will never come again. It’s about not interrupting the emotion of the day, but finding the most beautiful way in which to immortalize it.

I like to consider my photography LIFESTYLE photography. Because your life is a beautiful blend of layers, styles, textures, and tastes. It’s not simple, and neither are you… Your photography shouldn’t be either.

Dallas wedding photographer, Jessica D'Onofrio, specializes in contemporary, romantic, documentary style wedding photography for the free spirited bride.

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